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Please love me, I'm a lonely headline

Hello 2024 people! New episodes on their way this year! It's enough to make you get your ears permanently muffed.

Check out my NEW COMEDY PAGE where I will be posting videos about chippies, sheep dogs and Norwich Airport.

And if you missed our previous 40 odd episodes or deux-part Christmas special, well it's all bloody online. What are you waiting for?

Each episode of Park Date comprises juicy comedy and interviews featuring fascinating* guests and glamorous** city park locations.


All episodes are online and ready for you to hoover up with your greedy ears.


PS I wrote a book about parks which has just come out. Seriously! Alright, alright.

AND we got nominated for BEST COMEDY PODCAST and BEST BOOKS PODCAST at the 2023 Independent Podcast Awards, which was nice.


**not guaranteed

Running in Park
Skate Park
Green Park
Park Bench
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